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5-Axis Universal Machining Center for Large-size Die and Mold


This large scale machining center is capable of performing 5-axis 
Machining in a single setting Hwacheon’s SIRIUS-2500 5AX is capable to work on large, complex workpiece which requires many individual processes with just one single setting. Along with the Hwacheon Total Solution, it is the production solution you've been looking for.

  • Longbed-version with large table (4000x2300 mm)
  • 15,000 rpm high-speed spindles
  • Oil-jet cooled motor-integrated spindle up to 24.5 kW
  • Stroke (X/Y/Z): 3100-4000 / 2300 / 1000 mm
  • Bilateral gate structure for rigid machine structure
Linear guideway
HSC Spindle
Bridge / Portal type
5 axis

5-axis universal machining center for large-size die and mold

Hwacheon's large-size 5-axis machining center guarantees to enhance the quality of the molds for large display panel, automotive and aerospace components which require the highest level of precision and it will shorten your delivery time too.

With the help of the high performance high-speed, high-precision direct-drive universal head the SIRIUS-2500/5AX will continue to turn out quality products even after many hours of operation, and the machine will process a most complex work -piece thanks to the 3D FEM analysis, the software components specially made by Hwacheon will increase the machine's productivity and process speed. The machine comes with many functional options as standard that will make your production even more efficient.

Rigid Symmetrical Portal Structure

The double columns in Symmetrical Portal structure of the SIRIUS-2500 5AX provides excellent support for the feed drive by distributing the vibration, the weight and the heat throughout the entire frame. This guarantees the machine to maintain its feed stability.

High-Efficiency Multi-Axis Machining

Not only can a 5-axis machine move in the same three directions of a 3-axis machine but the cutting tool can also rotate to approach the work from any direction, enabling easy access to undercuts which a 3-axis machine can't reach. Also, the end mill sweeping provides significant savings in machining time-, of up-to one fifth of the time it would take for the ball-end mill to be fed back and forth along a curvilinear path at close intervals when producing complex three-dimensional surfaces. Another benefit behind a 5-axis system is that the length of the tools can be compact, which used to be made longer to match the size and shape of workpieces; the cutting is done with the side of the ball end mill, not just with the tip of it, which increases the life of the tool and results in ultra fine cutting surface.

Direct Drive Spindle

The spindle is integrated directly into the motor with the high precision encoder, without using any gears for power transfer. The result is 0.001˚ of high-precision angle division and 30rpm of rapid feed, which means higher machining quality and shorter cycle times.

* Brake torque(B/C): 3,000 / 4,000Nm

Integrated Motor Spindle

In Hwacheon temperature controlled clean room facilities, where this Super Precision High Speed Spindles are assembled, only the most experienced and skilled engineers are allowed to produce at highest industry and quality standards a spindle worth to be named Made by Hwacheon.

User friendly design, a wide range of optional features

SIRIUS-2500 5AX offers not only a user friendly design and a wide variety of useful options for practical applications, so you can concentrate on what you do best: creating quality products-without losing your valuable time to the worries of machine failure and safety. A wide variety of performance enhancing options are available for faster, more precise machining.

Stroke (X / Y / Z)
3100(4000) / 2300 / 1000
Working Surface
3300(4200) x 2000
Loading Capacity
10000 (15000)
Spindle Power
18(24.8) / 11(14.8)
Max. Spindle Speed
15 000
Rapid Speed (X / Y / Z)
10(16) / 16 / 16
Tool Storage Capacity
Max. Tool Diameter [With / Without Adjacent Tools]
85 - 170
Max. Tool Length
Max. Tool Weight
Machining Software: 
Hwacheon Efficency Contour Control


Hwacheon High-Efficiency Contour Control System
Hwacheon Rotation Center Calibration


Hwacheon Rotation Center Calibration System

Hwacheon Tool Load Detect


Hwacheon Tool Load Detection System
Cutting Feed Optimization


Cutting Feed Optimization System

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