VESTA-2000 | Vertical Machining Centers
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Vertical Machining Center with x-axis over 2000 mm


850 mm Y-axis Vertical Machining Center with Software Function for Enhanced Productivity and Precision

VESTA-2000 is recommended for powerful cutting based on its stable structure. It is equipped with Hwacheon's proprietary technologies such as productivity enhancement software (HECC, HTLD and OPTIMA) and precision enhancement software (HTDC and HAI) and provides differentiated quality different from existing machining center for parts.

Linear guideway
Cross table
3 axis

Upgrades for Enhanced Machining Performance

  • High rigid roller LM guide for every axis
  • 4 Coil conveyors to enhance chip discharge performance
  • The table wide enough to mount multiple workpieces
  • Various direct-coupled main spindle specifications that meet machining purposes
  • The servo type ATC (BT-40) to enhance the tool change time
  • Hwacheon's proprietary software

Enhanced User Convenience

  • The tempered safety glass ensures machining visibility
  • The step integrated coolant tank ensures the front table accessibility
  • Eco-friendly oil water separation structure

Easy Maintenance

  • Peripherals requiring maintenance are gathered in one place
  • Easy lubrication points

Machining Software: 
Hwacheon Efficency Contour Control


Hwacheon High-Efficiency Contour Control System
Hwacheon Thermal Displacement Control


Hwacheon Thermal Displacement Control System (HSDC+HFDC)
Hwacheon Tool Load Detect


Hwacheon Tool Load Detection System
Cutting Feed Optimization


Cutting Feed Optimization System

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