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Hwacheon will contribute to the advancement of the mold and die manufacturing value chain..

Hwacheon produces high-quality machine tools and provides excellent services worldwide..

Hwacheon leads the future machine tool technology for convergent manufacturing..

Hwacheon's machine line-up

CNC Lathe

Horizontal CNC Lathe

Hwacheon's horizontal turning centers offer the best performance in the class, and are perfect solutions for a wide range of applications from small component machining to large-size processing.

Vertical CNC Lathe

The vertical turning centers are available in many different vertical CNC lathe lineups, ideal for your mid- to large-size applications.

Integrated CNC-Lathe

These turning centers feature separate-spindle multi-axis machining to perform everything from milling and turning to completion of the most complex shape with single chucking.

Twin-Spindle CNC Lathe

Twin-spindle high rigidity multi-tasking machines with powerful chucking guarantee stable, consistent results, and are capable of handling roughing and finishing jobs at the same time, to double the productivity.

Machining Center

Horizontal Machining Center

High-performance spindles and accurate feed systems are the reasons why Hwacheon's horizontal machining centers are the best choice for the most demanding precision multiplex machining tasks. The horizontals are known to have a striking advantage due to their chip technology and their reduced machine footprintmakes them an ideal basis for establishing a factory automation system.

Vertical Machining Center

Hwacheon offers a wide range of vertical maching centers, designed for sophisticated die and mold and precision part production. As a result of the combination of high quality machine components and modern machining software, we set new standards.

Multiplex Machining Center

Tapping Center

Graphite Machining Center