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Hwacheon serves the European market through our wide-spreaded distributor network. We maintain long-term relationships with our distributors.

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Learn more about Hwacheon, the Korean oldest machine tool manufacturer.

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Horizontal Turning Centers

Horizontal Turning Centers

Hwacheon's horizontal turning centers offer the best performance in their class and are perfect solutions for a wide range of applications - from small... More

Vertical Turning Centers

Vertical Turning Centers

Hwacheon’s vertical turning centers are available in many different vertical CNC lathe lineups, ideal for your mid- to large-size applications. More

Horizontal Machining Centers

Horizontal Machining Centers

High-performance spindles and accurate feed systems are the reasons why Hwacheon's horizontal machining centers are the best choice for the most demanding... More

Vertical Machining Centers

Vertical Machining Centers

Hwacheon offers a wide range of vertical machining centers, designed for sophisticated die and mold and precision part production. As a result of the ... More

Blog & News

The EMO 2019 - a total success! | 07.10.2019
Our innovative product enhancements and additional equipment presented here at EMO 2019 in Hannover and our...
Höchste Präzision in der Schwerzerspanung | 10.05.2019
Robuste vertikale Drehzentren für große Durchmesser im Einsatz [Quelle: Fachzeitschrift "Drehteil +...
Robustes Bearbeitungszentrum im Lohnfertigungs-Einsatz | 10.05.2019
Extreme Leistung und Stabilität für die Schwerzerspanung [Quelle: Fachzeitschrift "Fräsen + Bohren", Ausgabe...
Anspruchsvolle Zerspanung mit Hwacheon M3-5AX | 03.10.2018
Innovationen für die Fertigungstechnik von morgen: Anspruchsvolle Zerspanung mit Hwacheon M3-5AX Im...
Messe AMB in Stuttgart | 07.09.2018
Auf der bald startenden AMB präsentieren wir Ihnen dieses Jahr auf gleich zwei Messeständen unsere...

Machine series - Overview

All solutions, One partner
Hwacheon - Your one-stop Partner

Drilling, turning, milling – we offer you a complete range of machine tool for all stages. When you choose us, you get long-life and extremely reliable turning and milling machines with particularly high drive powers. The extensive options and accessories enable our machines to be configured economically and technically to meet your precise application needs.

Our depth of manufacturing, continuous development, and the use of high quality components from well-known manufacturers ensure the highest quality products and our customers’ complete satisfaction.

Highly robust lathes with flat guides for heavy cutting
The HI-TECH series is distinguished by its solid machine beds, wide flat guides and powerful drives. It is ideal for...
Extremely robust vertical lathes for continuous use
The lathes with horizontal spindles are designed for continuous operation. Heavy monolithic cast iron beds with box...
Modern design
Dynamic universal lathes with linear guides
The compact lathes in the CUTEX series have an impressively high rapid traverse rate (36 m/min) and a fast-indexing...
Flat bed lathe for the production of very small batches
The three-guideway flat bed lathes in the MEGA series are equipped with numerical control and hand wheels. This means...
Lathes with box guideways and BigBore spindles for tube machining
The extra-large spindle bore (Ø190 - 370 mm, hence "Big Bore") in this series permits the machining of large pipes with...
Extra tool magazin
Universal lathes with 18-position turret and additional wheel magazine
In very small batch productions which require many tools, the compact C series allows set-up for the next order without...
Dynamic twin turret lathes with sub spindles for large numbers of units
The T series provides high performance, dynamism and reliability with a small footprint and many options for automation...
Extremely high-power twin spindle lathe (front) for heavy duty cutting
High drive power, broad box guideways and a heavy cast iron bed are the recipe for success when it comes to the...
Vertical machining centres with linear guideways for universal use
The VESTA series stands on a grey cast iron base with a cross table design and is equipped with dynamic linear...
5-Axis machining center
Universal 5 or 4+1 axis machining centre for mechanical machining
The compact machining centres in the D series are ideal for use in workshops, education and laboratories as well for as...
High user convenience
Horizontal machining centres with extremely high performance and stability
By means of twin drives on the X and Y axes, very wide box guideways and 30-tonne machine beds, the series constituted...
Vertical machining centres with box guideways for heavy duty cutting
Cutting particularly tough and hard materials is the preferred area of application of the machines in the VESTA B...
HSC milling machine for the highest precision and surface finishes
The 3-axis machining centre with a portal-based design and a reinforced rear wall ensures high precision and surface...
Extremely robust 5-axis simultaneous milling machine for workpieces of up to 1.2 t
The gantry-based construction and rotary table allow the M series to reach rapid traverse speeds of up to 50 m/min....
Vertical machining centres for tool, mould, and die making as well as heavy duty cutting
The cross table design machining centres for use in tool, mould, and die making as well as heavy duty cutting have...
Portal milling machine for large workpieces and tool, die and mould making
On the portal milling machines in the SIRIUS series, workpieces of 2.5 x 1.3 m to 4 x 2.3 m are machined at table loads...
New standards for the efficient production of medium to large batches
The HiT series consists of compact machines which are very stable, highly dynamic and low-maintenance. The machining...
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Large portal milling machines with linear guide ways
The L series, optimized for machining of non-ferrous metal and IT/seminconductor equipment components, archieves high...

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