HWACHEON Machinery Europe

Dynamic twin turret lathes with sub spindles for large numbers of units

The T series provides high performance, dynamism and reliability with a small footprint and many options for automation. If complex turned parts need to be produced in large numbers, the upper and lower turrets can be used to carry out two turning operations at the same time.

Main group: 
Horizontal Turning Centers
Linear guideway
Driven tools
Sub spindle
Two turrets
Horizontal Turning Centers
Highly robust lathes with flat guides for heavy cutting
Dynamic universal lathes with linear guides
Flat bed lathe for the production of very small batches
Universal lathes with 18-position turret and additional wheel magazine
Extremely high-power twin spindle lathe (front) for heavy duty cutting
Vertical Turning Centers
Extremely robust vertical lathes for continuous use
Horizontal Machining Centers
Horizontal machining centres with extremely high performance and stability
Vertical Machining Centers
Vertical machining centres with linear guideways for universal use
Universal 5 or 4+1 axis machining centre for mechanical machining
Vertical machining centres with box guideways for heavy duty cutting
HSC milling machine for the highest precision and surface finishes
Extremely robust 5-axis simultaneous milling machine for workpieces of up to 1.2 t
Vertical machining centres for tool, mould, and die making as well as heavy duty cutting
Portal milling machine for large workpieces and tool, die and mould making
New standards for the efficient production of medium to large batches
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Large portal milling machines with linear guide ways