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Enduring Values.

Quality made in South Korea. Combining the best of tradition and technology.

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HWA means happiness and prosperity. And CHEON represents River. Together it makes

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We want our customers tob e thrilled with our machines, our quality and our service. Technology from South Korea enjoys a good international reputation. And South Korean companies traditionally dedicate themselves to the highes customer satisfaction.
Hwacheon is no exception. Our name is our commitment: Your sustainable success is our focus.

Everything to give you a competitive edge.

The quality of Hwacheon.

High machine uptime and maximum productivity result from our decades of experience in the development and construction of CNC machine tools. The range of our products extends from the heavy cutting and machining of large parts to precision machining in Die and Mold making. Our customers worldwide value us as a full-range supplier of lathes and machining centres.

Founding: 1952
Employees: approx. 1,500
Product range: Horizontal and vertical lathes and machining centres
Worldwide branches and representations

Hwacheon is the oldest South Korean machine tool manufacturer. Today, our company is one of the leading manufacturers in terms of technology and quality. More than 60 years of experience and groundbreaking expertise come through in every one of our machine tools.

High Tech with Craftmanship.

Machine tools at Hwacheon.

Hwacheon Technology Center in Gwangju

We are the oldest machine tool manufacturer in South Korea. Building on this vast experience, we have continually expanded our expertise, research and development, and now have one of the most modern machine tool production facilities.

Perfect and precision components are essential. for the overall quality of our machine tools. We have a large dedicated production depth to ensure this - from our own foundry to machining of large parts and our own spindle construction.

Hwacheon Foundry in Gwangju

An own foundry, own machine part production, hand finished box guide ways - only a few companies have such a depth in manufacturing and experience in craftmanship nowadays.

Hwacheon's own spindle production

The production of machine beds and components as well as spindles is carried out at state-of-the-art CNC production plants using certified processes. We have an experienced, skilled workforce of specially trained employees. You get the reward for the amount of effort we put in.

Srapping box guide ways at Hwacheon

For example, flat guides are finished by hand in a complex, manual process. The result: high precision and practically wear-free and maintenance~free box guide ways.

Compelling added Value from our own Production

Your benefits with Hwacheon.

High precision grinding SEOAM Clamping Cylinders for Lathes SEOAM Chuck components

Our machining centres and lathes owe their longevity, reliability and accuracy to the unique combination of state-of-the-art technologies, high-quality components and intelligent design - crafted and designed for robust use.

All solutions, One partner

Hwacheon - Your one-stop Partner

Drilling, turning, milling – we offer you a complete range of machine tool for all stages. When you choose us, you get long-life and extremely reliable turning and milling machines with particularly high drive powers. The extensive options and accessories enable our machines to be configured economically and technically to meet your precise application needs.

Our depth of manufacturing, continuous development, and the use of high quality components from well-known manufacturers ensure the highest quality products and our customers’ complete satisfaction.


Horizontal Turning Centers

Horizontal Turning Centers

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Vertical Turning Centers

Vertical Turning Centers

Hwacheon’s vertical turning centers are available in many different vertical CNC lathe lineups, ideal for your mid- to large-size applications. More

Horizontal Machining Centers

Horizontal Machining Centers

High-performance spindles and accurate feed systems are the reasons why Hwacheon's horizontal machining centers are the best choice for the most demanding... More

Vertical Machining Centers

Vertical Machining Centers

Hwacheon offers a wide range of vertical machining centers, designed for sophisticated die and mold and precision part production. As a result of the ... More

Continuity, Confidence and Innovation

Working at Hwacheon

We are a medium-sized, family-run company. This means that as a machine tool manufacturer we have no obligations to shareholders, but are dedicated to our customers and employees instead.

All our employees share the enthusiasm and fascination of machine tool construction. We live and breathe the best quality and the highest precision.

Grow with Hwacheon

Your natural choice

When you choose us, you choose a durable and robust machine tool with an impressive uptime. This all comes with our committed service teams with its short, quick solutions to problems and rapid sourcing of parts.
We offer you a great deal of real added value, but at no extra cost. Your investments will be secured for the long term and you will achieve your return on investment (ROI) early on.
Set your sights on solid growth. With the quality of Hwacheon.