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EMO 2023 in Hannover (Hall 14 / D26)

At this year's EMO in Hanover, we will present a total of eleven machines at our booth.

You find us in Hall 14 at booth D26. We are looking forward to your visit!


Universal Lathe with linear guide ways for chuck Ø200 mm (8 inch), Y axis, sub spindle

The CUTEX-180 is a powerful and reliable latest generation CNC lathe and your 1st choice for your manufacturing needs. With wide linear roller guides and a compact design, it offers high metal removal rates in a small footprint. The ergonomic design makes it comfortable to work with and contributes to higher productivity.
As a cost-effective entry-level model, the universal lathe enables economical production with consistent and high accuracy. With the optional Y-axis and counter spindle, you can expand the application possibilities of the CUTEX-180 and achieve even more precise results. The Siemens 828D or Fanuc 0i CNC controls offer you maximum flexibility and convenience, even for shop floor programming.

Picture of CUTEX-180

D2-5AX with Fanuc 31i

Universal 5-axis machining centre with Ø600 mm - rotary table

The compact D2-5AX is designed for use in workshops, education, laboratories and for tool, jig, die and mould making. The D2-5AX has 5 axes as standard, of which 4 can be controlled simultaneously.
Optionally all 5 axes can also be controlled simultaneously. The stability, high accuracy and high drive power of the D2-5AX derive from its heavy machine bed of 10 tonnes, spindles made by Hwacheon and the use of high quality components. Thanks to its ergonomic construction, high rapid traverse speed, and its ease of automation, the D2-5AX is ideal for high productivity applications, whether for small or large numbers of units.

Picture of D2

D3-5AX with Sinumerik One

Universal 5-axis machining centre with Ø800 mm - rotary table

The D3-5AX is predestined for use in the workshop, training, laboratory as well as tool, jig and mold making. As standard, the D3-5AX has 5 axes, 4 of which can be controlled simultaneously. Optionally, 5-axis simultaneous operation is also possible. Stability, high accuracy and drive power are provided by the machining center's heavy machine bed of 15.5 tons, spindles manufactured in-house and the use of high-quality components. Due to its ergonomic design, high rapid traverse rates and easy automation, the D3-5AX is ideally suited for highly productive use with both small and large quantities.

Picture of D3-5AX


Horizontal lathe with box guideways for Ø250 mm - chuck, Y axis, sub spindle

New standard for lathes with chuck sizes of 8-10 inches – reliability at all levels. The Hi-TECH 230 owes its particularly reliable machining performance to its exceptional rigidity and improved specifications in comparison with other 8 to 10 inch lathes with box guideways. In addition to this, it is also particularly easy to operate and to service. The model with the Y axis has a traverse path of up to ±60 mm – the largest in its class.

Picture of Hi-TECH 230


Horizontal lathe with box guideways for Ø375 mm chucks

With its high-power drive and gears as standard, broad box guideways and many options, the Hi-TECH 450 is a reliable machine, which you can use to produce efficiently and flexibly. During difficult cutting tasks, the spindle consistently provides impressive torque at all speeds and levels.

Picture of Hi-TECH 450

Hi-TECH 650AL YMC with Siemens

The Hi-TECH 650 is predestined for large workpieces and difficult-to-cut materials

With the new Hi-TECH 650, we are adding another heavyweight for large part machining to our Hi-TECH - lathe series. The heavy Mehanite cast bed (11 - 18 t), the double-row BMT 75 turret and the wide and precisely machined flat guides are the key elements for an accurate and powerful heavy-duty cutting machine.
The use of high-quality components from renowned manufacturers coupled with a high in-house production share of the mechanical assemblies - Made in Korea - are the basis of our high quality and precision.

Picture of Hi-TECH 650


Horizontal lathe with box guideways for Ø800 mm chucks

Horizontal turning centre ideally suited to large and hard workpieces: With the Hi-TECH 850 you will be able to master demanding machining tasks which require milling and turning operations. The large and stable tool turret and the monolithic machine bed with box guideways are designed for machining large workpieces.

Picture of Hi-TECH 850

VESTA-1050B 8k

Vertical machining centre with box guideways, gear spindle, and X traverse path 1,050 mm

The VESTA-1050B - ideal for particularly ductile materials and high cutting rates. Thanks to its broad box guideways and solid cast iron body, the VESTA-1050B has ideal stability and damping characteristics, which make the best use of the extraordinarily high torque (up to 840 Nm with Heidenhain controls) of the two-stage gear spindle. With four box guideways on the Y axis, workpieces with a weight of up to one tonne can be cut with ease.

Picture of VESTA-1050B

VESTA-1000+ with APS

Vertical machining centre with linear guideways, gear spindle, and X traverse path 1,000 mm

The VESTA-1000+ stands on a grey cast iron bed with a cross table design and is equipped with dynamic linear guideways on all axes. It is characterised by its versatility in different areas of application and its range of configuration options

Picture of VESTA-1000+

VT-650 YMC

Vertical turning centre with Ø450 mm chuck,Y axis and tool magazin

Safe, durable, efficient - a robust turning centre for continuous operation: For many well-known manufacturers, the VT-650 is the tool of choice for the machining of brake discs, brake drums, hubs and valve bodies. The single-piece cast machine bed limits thermal distortion extremely well, effectively absorbs undesirable vibrations and guarantees the highest levels of precision and surface finishes.
Since June 2020 HWACHEON is the first machine tool manufacturer who provides a Y axis for this machine size and type. The Y axis is implemented by hand scraped box guide ways for the highest possible stability.

Picture of VT-650 YMC

VT-1150 MC

Vertical turning centre with box guideways for chuck sizes of Ø800 - 1270 mm

Outstanding stability! Thanks to its heavy and monolithic cast Meehanite bed, the VT-1150+ is extremely stable. Building on this solid foundation, these vertical lathes combine high performance main and feed drives, wide ball screws, 2-speed spindle drives and a robust travelling column. The VT-1150+ is thus currently among the most stable and high performance machines in this category.
Thanks to the heavy cast Meehanite bed and the wide bearing face of the box guideways, vibrations generated during cutting are transmitted into the bed, where they are dampened and absorbed. The machine bed and the travelling column have been designed to be extremely heavy for precisely this reason. With a machine weight of 15 tonnes in the case of the VT-950+ and 25 tonnes in the case of the VT-1150+, these two models are the heavyweights among vertical lathes.
The large selection of different drives allows you to configure the machine in accordance with the ideal requirements of its area of application. For particularly heavy cutting tasks and very hard and tough materials, our high torque spindles permit particularly efficient machining.

Picture of VT-1150+ MC
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