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Automatic Pallet changer

Autonomous machining for a better return on investment.

Automation solutions for CNC machines have many advantages:

  • Higher productivity through longer run times.
  • Lower personnel costs through autonomous processes and unmanned shifts.
  • More efficient use of personnel and therefore lower labor costs.
  • Better responsiveness to fluctuating demand through more flexible work processes.
  • Less physical strain and reduction of monotonous activities.
  • Less bind capital due to smaller inventories.
Main group: 
The AWC works on all Hwacheon Machining Centers
Compact solution for loading and unloading your machining center
The AWC 8/20 offers many useful and innovative functions on a small footprint at an attractive price range. It can be quickly and inexpensively retrofitted to existing machines and helps them to be mo...
Palette changer
Outside View
Automatic pallet loader for one or two machining centers.
The new HMP series is an automation solution for machining centers that is designed to handle pallets with the standard formats and a max. weight of 2 tons fully automatically. The pallet pool is desi...
Palette changer
GR5 in conjunction with Hi-TECH 230
Gantry Loader for Fast and Accurate Workpiece Handling
Experience automation with the new gantry loader from Hwacheon! With a fast and efficient handling system, whose magazine has 10 (optionally 14) stacking stations, the workpiece change takes place in...


Horizontal Turning Centers
Dynamic universal lathes with linear guides
Flat bed lathe for the production of very small batches
Extremely high-power twin spindle lathe (front) for heavy duty cutting
High-quality conventional lathes with hand-scraped guideways
Universal lathes with 18-position turret and additional wheel magazine
Dynamic twin turret lathes with sub spindles for large numbers of units
Vertical Turning Centers
Extremely robust vertical lathes for continuous use
Horizontal Machining Centers
Horizontal machining centres with extremely high performance and stability
Vertical Machining Centers
Universal 5 or 4+1 axis machining centre for mechanical machining
Vertical machining centres with linear guideways for universal use
Vertical machining centres with box guideways for heavy duty cutting
HSC milling machine for the highest precision and surface finishes
Extremely robust 5-axis simultaneous milling machine for workpieces of up to 1.2 t
Vertical machining centres for tool, mould, and die making as well as heavy duty cutting
Portal milling machine for large workpieces and tool, die and mould making
New standards for the efficient production of medium to large batches
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Large portal milling machines with linear guide ways